BANK HOLIDAY – Turkish Delight (Best Kept Secret)

Bank Holiday hail from Southern California, and play a mixture of shoegazer rock and indie pop. ‘Translation’ opens with some great buzzsaw guitar for a cracking rocker, while ‘Midnight’ slows down the pace for a pleasant ballad. ‘Happiness Is Being A Family’ is another ballad, and has some good synth effects taking it a bit above the norm. The title track ups the pace but the vocals are not as good and so is less successful. Flip the tape over and we have a Wedding Present soundalike in ‘We Have Your Best Interest At Heart’, some ringing Chapterhouse guitars on the shoegazing ‘Separation’, and a good indie guitar instrumental in ‘Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God’. This seven track tape is a good sampler of what the band can do, as they throw in all their influences and see what floats to the surface, and so far this is the best of the batch. One that I could return to more than once, and also a band worth keeping a eye out for when they release a proper album.

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