FRIDAY BRIDGE – The Lady Julie (Best Kept Secret)

Swedes Friday Bridge have taken some toy synthesisers and an Apple Mac and produced some surprisingly good pop music. ‘Cherry Cookies’ opens with a tuneful pop song featuring a fragile female vocal over a bouncy tune, and ‘Ce N’est Pas Gentil’ adds flute and a French vocal to the mix. The title song is good up-tempo pop, and ‘Postcard’ delivers a piano-led ballad with a delightful 60’s pop sound and a spoken French interlude. I am afraid that ‘Edward The Hedgehog’ is as twee as the title suggests, but ‘I Am In Love With Your Boyfriend, Mary’ is an interesting lyrical subject, and so overall the good songs outweigh the naff ones. I haven’t yet figured out why a Swedish band write songs in French, but I must admit that the language suits the vocals more than on the English songs, and so quite a pleasant listen – although I hesitate to say more than that.

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