UNDER SHOOTING STARS – Pillows Out Of Sweaters (Best Kept Secret)

Duo Sid and Lei operate under the name of Under Shooting Stars, and have delivered a seven track taster of their work in ‘Pillows Out Of Sweaters’. Male and female vocals alternate on the songs, all of which have to employ a drum machine to flesh out the sound, and with main musical instrument being the Casio organ the sound is fairly dated. Lei’s vocals are rather high, while Sid’s seem to suit the music more, and the songs are mostly heartfelt ballads dealing with love and loss, but there is not really much on here that jumps out at me on the first couple of hearings, or which would make me want to play it much in the future. ‘Heart-shaped Poems’ and ‘Clouds Upon Clouds’ are a couple of the better tracks, and it is only really ‘Every Waking Moment’ that I actually disliked, but it really does need something extra to make it stand out from the rest, and at the moment that something is lacking.

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