HAPPY GO LUCKY – The Pet Rescue (Best Kept Secret)

Happy Go Lucky is the name chosen by Swede Jan Lundgren to peddle his acoustic-based and soft-spoken pop music. Being a solo artist, he employs the dreaded drum machine, which straight away dates the music to the early 80’s, but he makes a reasonable job on this six track tape of showing us what he can do. Most of the tracks are gentle ballads, although ‘Storee’ does up the ante a tad, and ‘U Are A Star’ teases us with a wah wah guitar intro before settling into the lo-fi groove. ‘How Far’ ends with an odd backwards guitar coda, which sounds really good until you realise that where it should have ended after a couple of minutes Lundgren has decided to let it meander on for far too long, thus spoiling what could have been a memorable end to the album. The over-riding impression that I am left with after listening to this album is that he could not have chosen a stranger name to perform under, as happy go lucky he most certainly is not.

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