AK-MOMO – Return To New York (Best Kept Secret)

The last batch of BSK tapes that I reviewed included one by Nanook Of The North, and Ak-Momo are an offshoot of that band, being Nanook’s mainman Mattias Olsson’s solo project. Composed mainly on old 70’s keyboards, the songs are helped along by guest vocalist AK Von Malmborg, although her voice does take some getting used to. Imagine a cross between Bjork, Kate Bush, and Macy Gray, and you will be getting some idea of her idiosyncratic vocal style. The songs themselves are a good mixture of pop, jazz, and electronica, and are quite enjoyable. ‘Greasy Spoon’ opens with a catchy tune, and ‘Return To N.Y.’ and ‘Women To Control’ are both tuneful pop songs. ‘Hollywood’ makes good use of the vintage organs, while ‘Only The Stars’ has a pleasant jazzy feel to it. ‘World Traveller’ takes a Stereolab groove as a basis for a list song of places to visit, and ‘Boys And Girls’ finishes the album sounding like a cut-price Massive Attack. Overall quite a good collection of songs once you are prepared for the unusual vocals.

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