SCARLET SOHO – Modern Radio (Human Recordings)

I reviewed Scarlet Soho’s debut cassette way back in issue #57, and in no time at all they have another one out. To be fair, they have released an album in the meantime, and this single is taken from it. One of the more danceable tracks from ‘Divisions Of Decency’, it is very ‘New Romantic’ in both the use of synths and electronics, and also in Jim Knights’ vocals, meaning that it either sounds very dated, or completely up to date in a Robbie Williams’ ‘Radio’ type way. The songs itself is a fine three minutes of catchy pop, but not really chart fodder unless performed by a band with a much bigger fanbase. The other song on here, though, is much more up my alley. Similarly in an 80’s electro style, but with a much harder edge, ‘Fibre Optic’ is a previously unrecorded live favourite with a distinct flavour of Chapterhouse/Catherine Wheel about it. The band seem to have come a long way since that early tape, and if you want to hear the improvement then both tracks are available as downloads from the bands website at