KAISER CHIEFS – Employment (B Unique)

Yet another eagerly awaited debut album from the slew of new guitar bands emerging this year. Unlike many of their contemporaries The Kaiser Chiefs have taken the pop route and delivered an album chock full of potential singles, the opening track of which has recently been issued as just that. ‘Everyday I Love You Less And Less’ should be high in that charts as you read this, as it is certainly one of the most commercially infectious tracks on here. Former single ‘I Predict A Riot’ is more late 70’s punk in attitude than the Brit-pop influence of much of the album, but it gives the band a chance to thrash their guitars to within an inch of their life. ‘Modern Life’ is more in their Blur style, but ‘Na Na Na Na Naa’ confounds completely by having the worst title and yet being the most instantly memorable song on here. ‘Oh My God’ is another catchy tune that just begs to be a single, and ‘Saturday Night’ throws the rhyming dictionary out the window in its quest for amusing couplets. ‘Time Honoured Tradition’ is yet another slow builder, with one of the few guitar solos on here, and ‘Team Mate’ rounds things off with a tender ballad, just to show that they can. I haven’t heard an album like this in years, where almost every track could be a hit single and where the fun the band seem to be having is so infectious. Perhaps we need a bit of light relief after the studied earnestness of Bloc Party, Doves, and Kasabian, and the Kaiser Chiefs provide it in spades.