KORUQI - Koruqi (Private Pressing)

Koruqi (pronounced ‘korooki’) are a local band to my area, and this three track demo is being used to gain them some recognition. Musically they are a mixture of grunge, prog and indie, with opener ‘Helicon’ utilising some crashing power chords before the vocals make an entrance. The structure of the song then veers off into progressive territory, with the verse meandering all over the place before the guitar comes back for the chorus. It takes a bit of getting used to, but by doing so keeps you on your toes, and is never predictable. ‘Jati’ continues along the same lines, with swirling guitar lines giving way to power chords and then back again, while the vocals utilise the structure showcased on the first track. The first two songs clock in at over seven minutes apiece, but by keeping the songs constantly changing they avoid falling into the trap of just stretching it out for its own sake. ‘Crystallize’ is more succinct, at just under six minutes, but still packs in the heavy guitars and an excellent solo. Overall I was very impressed, although the way they used the lyrics is so unusual that it still sounds strange after five or six hearings. The lack of a tune in the songs might be seen as a disadvantage, but taken as a whole the music shines through and makes this an excellent showcase for the band. For more info check out