KASABIAN – Kasabian (RCA)

I am a bit late in coming to this album as I was waiting to get hold of a copy of the double 10” vinyl version, which turned out to be quite hard to come by. However, the wait was well worth it as this debut is one of the best that I have heard in a long, long time. My introduction to the band was seeing them on the Jonathan Ross show some months back, and although ‘Cutt Off’ was not one of their best tracks I was intrigued enough to search them out. Right from the outset this album is a stormer with the opening trio of tracks ‘Club Foot’, ‘Processed Beats’, and ‘Reason Is Treason’ being worth the price of admission on their own. In fact the latter is one of my favourites on here, and it must be the band’s as well as we are treated to an uncredited remix at the end. ‘L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)’ is another great song and deserved to be their last single, although I doubt that it troubled the charts, and both ‘Running Battle’ and ‘Test Transmission’ are atmospheric tracks which show that they band can pull back on the volume without losing the power. For a self-confessed bunch of Midlands stoners they seem to have put a lot of effort into honing their sound for this album, and the mixture of rock and beats is spot on. ‘Orange’ and ‘Pinch Roller’ are a couple of very short instrumentals where the band can relax and noodle about on synths for a bit, but for the most part this album contains some of the best rock/dance crossover music that I have heard since the heyday of Massive Attack. In a year when new bands are springing up almost daily with debut albums, I think I am fairly safe is saying that it will have to be something pretty outstanding to top this one.