TROYKA - Troyka

Canadian progressive rock band Troyka recorded this album in their home town of Calgary, Alberta and released it in 1970. It consists of progressive hard rock, with all the songs written by the band. ‘Introduction’ opens proceedings with a cod-Russian instrumental (obviously a musical joke on their name), but the first proper song is hard rock, and that is the way that the band go for most of the album. Vocals are kept to a minimum, and when they do appear they are pretty rough and ready – as in ‘Natural’ or ‘Rolling Down The Back Road’ - showing that they made the right decision to make much of the album instrumental. ‘Early Morning’ is a pleasant little tune, and ‘Troyka Solo’ an engaging acoustic piece, but hard rock dominates the majority of the album, even if some of the songs like ‘Rub-A-Dub-Dub Troyka In A Tub’ do seem a bit trivial. ‘Burning Of The Witch’ is one of the highlights, and ‘Go East Young Man’ is pretty good as well, but this album is no undiscovered gem, and while it is a pleasant enough listen it would be hard to recommend over almost any other album in the column. Recently re-issued on vinyl, but tread warily.