TAGES – Studio

Tages were an extremely successful Swedish pop band of the 60’s, having numerous chart successes in their home country between 1964 and 1968. For this 1967 album the band decamped to London, and headed towards the Abbey Road studios, so it is no surprise that ‘Studio’ exhibits all the hallmarks of the classic pop groups of the 60’s. The level of songwriting is astounding, and the arrangements obviously have more than a touch of George Martin about them, with liberal use of strings and horns, and unusual use of vocals – as in the harmony backing on ‘Seeing With Love’. Generally the band try to utilize their own sound, but ’Like A Woman’ has a vocal so like Lennon’s that it is uncanny, while other songs have a smooth Zombies feel to them. ‘Have You Seen Your Brother Lately’, ‘What’s The Time’, and ‘It’s My Life’ could have been hits over here had they been released at the time, being perfect pop music - tuneful and memorable. In fact nearly every track on this album whisks you back to those heady days of the classic pop single (as long as you are old enough to remember them), but the album also hangs together extremely well as a whole – the reason being that all the songs are of the same high quality, and so there are none that you ever want to skip over. The original album is enhanced by the addition of five bonus tracks, all as good as the main body of the disc. For any fans of British psyche/pop a la Kaleidoscope, July, Nirvana or the myriad other bands forever appearing on those ‘Great British Psychedelic Trip’ compilations then this CD is an absolute must.