RAM – Where? (In Conclusion)

Ram were a New York progressive outfit who released just the one album, in 1972. Consisting of just five tracks, including one that takes up all of side two, the music twists and turns in true progressive style. Flute and mellotron help fill out ‘The Want In You’, while sax augments ‘Stoned Silence’. The flute takes the lead on the gentle instrumental ‘Odyssey’, and although ‘The Mothers Day Song’ starts quietly it soon heats up into a storming rocker. ‘Aza’ is the side long suite which is divided into four parts and which occupies side two, with ‘Spiral Paths’ being a relaxing flute and organ instrumental with chanted chorus, leading suddenly into the sax and bass driven ‘Bound’. ‘Peril And Fearer’ is a pounding rocker with prominent sax and the title track ends the album with some decidedly weird delayed guitar effects. This twenty minute piece of music is a first class example of progressive rock, with its many time and tempo changes, varied use of instrumentation, and musical prowess shown by the band. Something like this is not normally associated with American bands, who tend to make their prog a bit heavier, and it is nice to hear that they can also do the more subtle stuff. Out now on both vinyl and CD for you to hear for yourselves.