PEACEPIPE - Peacepipe

John Uzonyi formed Peacepipe in late 1969 and recorded most of the tracks which make up this album shortly afterwards. For some reason Uzonyi shelved the project and the tracks languished in the vaults for 26 years, until Rockadelic released them on this album. Opener ‘Sea Of Nightmares’ is a stunning piece of acid rock, which for me would point to this album being a huge success had it been released at the time. ‘Angel Of Love’ and ‘I Can Never Take Your Dreams Away’ are more straight ahead US rock, but still with some fine guitarwork, and while Uzonyi’s vocals can be a bit rough and ready they do not detract from the style of music on which they are employed. ‘A Biker’s Tune’ and ‘Open Your Mind’ herald the return of the acid guitar for some great freak-out guitar solos, and ‘The Day The War Has Ended’ is stretched to over ten minutes to include some stunning guitar and organ interplay. ‘Carry On Together’ is just a bit too rock’n’roll to really fit with the rest of the album, and although ‘Love Shines’ is mellow compared to the rest of the songs it does not sound as out of place. The original vinyl issue has been augmented for the CD by three extra tracks – both sides of his 1968 single on Accent plus the out of place but decidedly pop-py ‘Keep A Smilin’ Cari’. Overall a worthwhile release of an album that really should have come out at the time, but thankfully it has shown up over a quarter of a century later so that we can hear it.