MAINHORSE - Mainhorse

Mainhorse have one major claim to fame, and that is that they included Patrick Moraz just before he joined Refugee, and then later on replaced Rick Wakeman in Yes. This album is therefore very much keyboards led, and the opening track ‘Introduction’ is just that – a taster of what is to come from this fine album. Although Moraz is the most famous player on here he does not overshadow the others, and guitarist Peter Lockett gets just as much soloing time in which to show off his skills. Moraz does write most of the music, while Lockett supplies the lyrics, with the exception of the mostly instrumental ‘Pale Sky’ which is written by bassist Jean Ristori. ‘Basia’ opens side two with a great hard rock track, while ‘More Tea Vicar’ has a jazz-rock feel and is another showcase for Moraz’s piano and organ expertise. ‘God’ closes the album with the band coming together for one of the highlights on here. Out on CD, but I picked up my vinyl copy quite reasonably from a fair, and for anyone interested in Moraz’s early efforts it is well worth the investment.