LIFE – Spring

Life hail from Germany, and this 1971 album was their only official release. The band was built around the core of singer Linus and Red Indian guitarist Jason, both originally in US band The Wedge, and with the addition of a German drummer and bassist they recorded their album in a practice studio rented out to them by a couple of opera singers. The music is hard rock, and more US in feel than German, most likely because Linus wrote most of the songs on here. Jason’s ‘Laverne’s’ is a nice instrumental interlude which breaks up the relentless heavy rock of tracks like ‘Tantalizing Sensation’ and ‘Dream Machine’. He also contributes ‘Mean Woman’, a sort of 60’s rock’n’roll song which does not really sit well with the other tracks, and Linus/Gernot’s self explanatory ‘Honeydrippin’ Boogie Woogie’ is another out of place song on here, but once those two are out of the way we are back with the heavy stuff – Linus’ two part ‘Then I Am’ and Jason’s ‘Talkin’ ’Bot A Woman’. ‘My Discovery’ has a country flavour to it, as does ‘Hawaiian Jack’, and so the overall feel of the album is rather disjointed, although the songs themselves are all perfectly good examples of their respective genres. The CD re-issue is fleshed out with three bonus tracks which were rescued from the band’s unreleased second album, of which the blues of ‘I Don’t Want To Be Your Fool Anymore’ is the best of the bunch. Not exactly the undiscovered gem that I was expecting, and so somewhat disappointing, and at the moment I am in two minds whether to keep it, but there are a few good tracks on here so it may well stay in the collection.