AVE ROCK – Ave Rock

Ave Rock were a heavy progressive rock band from Argentina, and this is their 1974 debut album. It is notable for some fine keyboard and guitar interplay, with the latter also contributing some excellent searing solos. After the pastoral instrumental opener we are straight away treated to some great heavy rock with ‘El Absurdo Y La Melodia’, including some of the best of the afore-mentioned organ/guitar work. ‘Gritos’ is almost as good, and has a great bluesy feel to it, lending itself as the perfect springboard for some great heavy guitar riffing. Before you know it side one is over, and the final pair of songs of the album are ready to sprawl over side two. ‘Dejenme Seguir’ is the shorter of the two, and is a stunning blues track replete with some heartfelt guitar, while the closing ‘Viva Belgica’ is a lengthy instrumental piece which on first hearing might sound a bit of a mish-mash, consisting as it does of a jazzy introductory section reminiscent of early ELP before seguing into a bluesy guitar piece, and then back to the jazz and back to the blues. It sounds a bit odd but it does work once you have heard it a few times, and it ends this really excellent album showing you just what great musicians this band were. One of the best prog-rock albums that I have heard from Argentina, and one that I could whole-heartedly recommend to any prog fan who wants a change from homegrown bands.