VARIOUS ARTISTS - Crust (Falling A)

If anyone was tempted by my last column to try one of Falling A's releases but did not know which one to try then this sampler is exactly what they need. It starts with The Clock Kings' 'Scattering Stars', a proggy instrumental which is the theme tune to the label's website, and it also includes tracks from Rabbit's Hat, Josda Dan, Somebody Famous, and The Insane Picnic. Artists who were not reviewed last time include Peter Ashby doing 'What Is Will Be' - an archive recording from the 80's of a fine 60's influenced pop/rock song, Ermn Grud's 'Ruby Jones' - a taster of a forthcoming CD by a somewhat ramshackle indie band, a synth instrumental from their Aural Texture series, and a new age piece by Selected Rejection. As an added bonus, and because the original label from the 80's used to distribute cassette albums by the Cleaners From Venus, we are also treated to a rare track from head Cleaner Martin Newell's twenty year old 'Two For The Winter' cassette single - for my money the best track here, but then they have always been one of my favourite bands. Of the newer stuff that I am hearing for the first time Peter Ashby stood out by a mile, but being an archive recording I doubt if I would find anything else by him around now, which is a shame. Visit
for the full Falling A catalogue.