JONES AVE. - Folk Art (Private Pressing)

Jones Ave. come from Georgia, and have produced an album that mixes folk, guitar jams, and some lovely violin-led instrumentals. For me these are the most unusual and captivating tracks on here, as you so seldom hear the instrument used in a rock setting these days. Guiding light of the band is Brian Fowler, who as well as writing most of the songs, also contributes guitar, mandolin, bass, organ and congas, while the haunting violin is courtesy of Laszlo Stan. Opener 'Atlantis' showcases Stan's virtuosity on a lovely folk influenced instrumental, and it also adds a menacing quality to the first vocal track 'World War 3'. 'Treadmill' is an excellent jamming instrumental, with some exquisite duelling between the guitar and violin, while vocals reappear for 'Saviours', which includes lyrical samples from 'Rock-a-bye Baby On The Treetop'! 'Circus Clown' is a slow-burning ballad with an extended guitar solo to end, while 'McVeigh' is an creepy acid-tinged rocker, made all the more chilling by the fact that its lyrical subject is the Oklahoma Uni-bomber Timothy McVeigh. The remaining tracks alternate between folk and psyche, ending with the lovely guitar/piano instrumental of 'Jones Ave.', and the whole album turns out to be a real gem. It is undoubtedly the violin which makes this CD so different, and it is so refreshing to hear an album where the band have decided not to blindly follow the current trends but dare to be different.