CHEAP WINE - Moving (Cheap Wine Records)

This CD came with no information, so I put it in the player not knowing quite what to expect. The opening track 'I Can Fly Away' is an acoustic folk-rock offering, with harmony vocals and an early 70's feel to it. Quite nice, I thought, and waited for track two - which proceeded to blow my head away. From 'Move Along' onward the music changes to absolutely top notch hard rock, nothing at all like that misleading first song. The band come from Italy, and comprise the Diamantini brothers Marco and Michele, alongside Francesco Zanotti and Alessandro Grazioli. All of the songs on here are written by the Diamantinis, with the exception of a superb cover of Dylan's 'One More Cup Of Coffee', where they strip it down to its basics and then build it up and stretch it out to eight minutes of classic guitar rock. 'Snakes' is pure Americana, with a spectral harmonica adding to the atmosphere of the chorus, and is topped off with a great guitar solo. Although Italian, the overwhelming influence here seems to be Green On Red and other bands at the harder end of the Paisley Underground movement, while 'The Wheels Are On Fire' and 'Haze All Down The Line' bring Zep and Hendrix to the mix, with pounding riffs and some excellent wah-wah guitar. They end the album with the eleven-minute 'Fade Out', giving the Diamantini's the opportunity to showcase their superb guitar skills, and the whole band to finish on a high. A great new group, who on just their second release have produced an album which encompasses all the best elements of your favourite classic hard rock bands. If you want to hear what Italy currently has to offer then check them out on their website at