PARADOX ONE - Alternative Reality (Private Pressing)

Paradox One are a one-man band comprising Phil Jackson, who wrote and played everything one here. The first couple of tracks are solo keyboards pieces, harking back to the early 80's home tape boom, when everyone who had access to a synth released a cassette album, and while the production has moved on it still sounds quite dated. Luckily 'Adrenalin Rush' is gifted with a funky bass-line which holds the tune together for its six and half minutes. 'Lisette' is a short acoustic guitar piece which shows that Jackson does have other strings to his bow, but for the rest of the album it is the keyboards that dominate. 'Nuclear Casket' and 'Adrenaline Spill' are up-beat rhythmic tracks, and 'Space Race' is a Tangerine Dream influenced piece, given extra atmosphere by the use of found sound - in this case NASA communications. Overall quite a good effort, but I cannot overcome the feeling that I have heard all this before over twenty years ago, and music has moved on so much since then that you just do not hear this sort of thing being made these days. If you do still hanker for those old days then try this CD, available from