KINGSBURY MANX - Aztec Discipline (Cooking Vinyl)

Albums by The Kingsbury Manx seem to slip out with little fuss or publicity, which is a shame as they are a great band who are not receiving the recognition that they deserve. With their third release they might go some way to achieving it, as they have taken their laid-back pastoral style and injected it with a bit of body, in the shape of a more overt pop sensibility. While tracks like 'Your Castle' and 'Hunting Trips' still have a Floyd feel to them, others like 'Growler In The Rumbleseat' and 'De Da Dementia' really rock out for a Manx tune. The one thing that every song has, though, is a melody that sticks in the brain, but which is subtle enough to reward many, many repeated plays without getting over-familiar. There are too few bands around at the moment doing this sort of melodic rock, and while the Shins and Fountains Of Wayne might have the tunes, the Kingsbury Manx also have the ability of create a mood with them which takes the songs onto another level. For a perfect example just listen to 'Dinner Bell' and let yourself drift away on a sea on tranquillity.