THRILLS - Let's Bomb Bohemia (Virgin)

It might have been seen as something of a gimmick at the time, but an Irish band playing West Coast music was quite unusual, and so now that the novelty has worn off the Thrills have to prove themselves and show that it is not all they can do. Obviously the follow up to 'So Much For The City' was never going to be radically different, and even the addition of Jet producer Dave Sardy has not influenced the sound too much, although the raunchier moments have increased, witness the band actually rocking out on 'Saturday Night'. Piano and strings still feature heavily, and are most effective on big ballads like 'Not For All The Love In The World' and lead single 'Whatever Happened To Corey Hiam'. 'Found My Rosebud' and Tell Me Something I Don't Know' show a much edgier side to the band, and go some way to shaking off the preconceptions that the band only have one style, making this album a more rounded offering that their first. While their debut was the culmination of four years in clubs and bars, this one was written quickly on the road, and the recurring theme seems to be the band's sudden rise to fame and how it has affected them. 'You Can't Fool Friends With Limousines', 'The Irish Keep Gate-crashing' and 'The Curse Of Comfort' all give the impression that the band don't think they deserve their acclaim, but on this showing there is really no reason for them to think that. Lovers of vinyl don't lose out either, as they get a free 7" single with the hidden track from the CD version 'A City Of Long Nights', plus an extra bonus track of a instrumental string version of 'Found My Rosebud', stretching a somewhat short album out to a more acceptable length.