TANGERINE DREAM - An Introduction To… (Sanctuary)

I am beginning to be a little wary of Sanctuary's 'Introduction To…' series, as following on from my major disappointment with their Quintessence album - which necessitated me in searching out a copy of their 1973 compilation 'In Blissful Company' as the 'Introduction' was so inadequate - we now have a primer for Tangerine Dream which completely ignores their classic period between 1973 and 1977. So nothing from 'Phaedra', 'Rubicon', 'Stratosfear', or the superb 'Ricochet', but plenty from their cosmic phase at the start of their career, and then a huge jump to 1983 for tracks from 'Horizon' and 'Le Parc'. Having recently worked my way backwards through TG's discography I already have 1970's 'Electronic Meditation' and 1971's 'Alpha Centauri', and the pieces chosen from them are representative of their early experimentation, along with extracts from 'Atem' and 'Zeit' which were worth hearing for the first time. By 1983 the sequencers had been in force for many years, and the more rhythmic phase of their career was in full swing, as shown by the three pieces chosen to represent the three-year period between 1983 and 1986. As a fan I love the music on this CD, as I have followed the band through all of their changes over the years, but I really cannot recommend this as a primer when it omits such a vast and important part of their catalogue.