JEFF KELLY - Indiscretion (2001)

After far too long the Green Pajamas mainman finally releases another solo album, and despite the fact that as far as I can tell he played everything himself it sounds as good as, if not better than, anything issued by the Pajamas in the last year. It starts off in great style with a couple of up-tempo numbers 'Indiscretion' and 'Somebody's Daughter', both of which would make great singles. The rest of the album sticks mainly to the ballads at which he excels, although the guitar comes out again for 'Mrs Newton'. 'The Ghosts Of Holy Rosary' is a three-part suite, although anyone else would just call them three serarate songs as they are so diverse, and the album ends with the orchestral 'His Soul To Take'. All of the songs have great melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and some great vocal performances from Kelly, making this album sound more self-contained than many singer/songwriter's efforts. I snapped this up from Rustic Rod before they sold out - as there is an audience for this sublime pop music, albeit a small one - but I feel that it is criminal that after more than 15 years of releasing fabulous albums both Kelly and the band are still relatively unknown entities, not only here but even more unjustly in their native America. When is some enterprising record company going to offer a distribution deal for the likes of this album and the Minders, before they get so disillusioned that they give up making this beautiful music.

First published in Feedback #65 December 2001