GOBLIN MARKET - ghostland (2000)

The Goblin Market are a side project of The Green Pajamas Jeff Kelly, who has got together with the newest member of his band Laura Weller to make this album of melodic folk songs. A far cry from the guitar extravaganzas of the Pajamas, these are gentle songs sung either by Kelly or Weller with the other harmonising, and make for a delightful album. Kelly's obsession with pre-Raphelite painters and poets makes itself felt in a number of the lyrics, and Weller's pure voice is a joy to hear on the tracks on which she takes the lead vocals. I would not suggest that anyone who has recently got into the Green Pajamas should rush out and buy this album, but if you have fond memories of such 70's folk-rock bands as Mellow Candle, Trees, Loudest Whisper, or Spriguns then you certainly should. An Australian import, as was the last issues GP album 'Narcotic Kisses', the CD comes in a gatefold card sleeve with a 32 page booklet, lovingly illustrated and presented. If you are tempted then Rustic Rod has copies, along with a number of GP albums which you all should own.

First publised in Feedback #64 October 2001