This six track mini-album gathers together various single releases, live outings, and new tracks to tide us over until the next album (probably out in a fortnight if Kelly's work-rate continues as before!). 'Missing Miss MacColl' originally came out on an Earworm CD in 2001, and is an up-tempo piece with an eminently hummable chorus. 'In A Lonely Way' and 'Dreams Of Rhonda' were both sides of an Earworm 45 from the same year - the latter even gaining a John Peel radio play - and both tracks are catchy pop songs with hard-edged guitar solos. Of the two new songs, 'Essence Of Carol' harks back to their early albums with its jangly guitar and pop sensibilities, while 'What We Have' is an Eric Lichter offering which once again blends perfectly in with the other songs on the album, proving once and for all that the Pajamas are not just a Kelly solo project. 'Matilda' comes from the same radio broadcast that gave us 'Autumn Leaves' from the 'If She Only Knew' EP, and the band were obviously on form that day as it is one of their most out and out rockers with some great playing by the whole band. Yet another stunning release from the fabulous GPs.