I am not normally a fan of live albums, as I generally feel that unless the band are an outstanding live act who interpret their material differently at each concert - Hendrix or The Dead spring to mind - then all we end up with are renditions of songs we already have with a bit of applause inbetween. That is the main reason that I have put off getting this album for so long, even though it came out at roughly the same time as their 'Northern Gothic'. What changed my mind was finding out that the band had included a number of songs in their stage set of the time which have never sunsequently appeared on studio albums, and that was enough for me to send off for it. The concert was recorded in 1996, and alongside a number of brand new songs it also includes a cover from David Peel And The Lower East Side, and other Pajamas originals going back as far as 1985. The title is very apt, as there is more than a hint of Neil Young in many of the guitar solos, and the older tracks are beefed up from the sometimes twee versions of the early 90's. 'Murder Of Crows' and 'In The Sky' are the most impressive in these versions, and the seven and a half minutes of 'Any Time Of Day' delivers a solo that Young would be proud of. If nothing else this CD proves what a great ROCK band the Pajamas can be.

First published in Feedback #75 August 2003