Yet another album by The Green Pajamas, and still no drop in quality. It constantly amazes me how the band continue to come up with such great albums when they are releasing two or three a year, but they do - and we should be grateful for it. This one opens in classic Pajamas style with 'In The Darkness', and from the outset Kelly's guitar and vocals show that this is a class album. '(End Of Summer)' is a short instrumental which segues into 'In The Burning Moonlight', which is another great Kelly song. He doesn't get the whole album his way, though, and the other chief songwriter Eric Lichter gets to sing on his own compositions 'Wild Wild Reefs' and 'Coyotes And Comets', and while the former is a very good addition to the album, if I am brutally honest I think that Kelly's vocals suit the band better. Kelly's partner in the offshoot band Goblin Market Laura Weller is responsible for 'Christine Crystalline' which, while it is reminiscent of songs from her own band, still sits nicely on the album. 'First Love' and 'Blue Halloween Moon' are two of Kelly's best ballads, with 'First Love' featuring the heaviest guitar solo of the album as well. The other songs on here are well up to the same standard, making this another superb effort by this still criminally under-rated band.

First published in Feedback #72 February 2003