Another mini-album, this one comprising just four tracks, although 'Autumn Leaves' stretches out to ten minutes. The title track is a classic Kelly ballad with a trademark guitar solo, followed closely by Eric Lichter's 'Jessica Byron', on which he takes lead vocal. Normally his songs sound slightly out of place on a Pajamas album, but this one slots in nicely, and his writing is improving with every song. Kelly's is already unsurpassed, as 'When You're Good To Me' shows, being another lovely acoustic ballad, which still manages to include an understated guitar solo. The outstanding track on here, though, is undoubtedly the ten minute live rendition of 'Autumn Leaves' (Kelly's own Goblin Market song, not the jazz classic), which was taped by KCMU Seattle back in 2000. Although it starts off with just acoustic guitar and vocals, by six minutes in the Neil Young guitar solos are starting to break through, and they build up until the track crashes to a close in a wall of feedback. Another fabulous CD from the Pajamas, and once again consisting of new songs which will not turn up later on a subsequent album. This band must be one of the most prolific around, and yet they continue to keep the quality control at an outstandindly high level - and I am not in slightest bit worried that it will ever drop.