This five track mini-album is made up of songs inspired by the stories of J. S. Le Fanu, and could almost be called the follow-up to the Goblin Market project of 2000, as all the songs were either written by Jeff Kelly or in collaboration with Laura Weller, with 'Laura Silver Bell' having a solo credit for Weller. Despite that it is very much a band recording, and compares well with more traditional Pajamas albums. 'Uncle Silas' opens with a distinctly unsettling string accompaniment, leading me to believe that Le Fanu might have written horror stories. With a tremulous guitar solo ending the track, you really are transported back a couple of centuries. 'Madam Crowl's Ghost' is a duet between Kelly and Weller, and her atmospheric vocals also add a spooky element to the song. Kelly's 'Carmilla' is a beautiful ballad, but still with that unnerving edge to it, and Weller take the lead vocal on her 'Laura Silver Bell' to close this excellent stop-gap before the band's next album proper.