The band's other release is a 24 minute mini-album of seven songs based loosley around Christmas time. Only the title track mentions Christmas overtly, although all the other songs have a 'winter' theme to them, and apart from the previously released 'Nightboat To Gondal' all of these tracks are unavailable elsewhere. For a change not all of the songs are written by Jeff Kelly, and band-mate Eric Lichter is coming into his own as a writer with his contributions 'Orchid Sunshine' and 'Hush Your Violence'. 'Abbots Bromley' is a traditional instrumental, but fits in perfectly with the other songs on this superb CD, and once again it is a must for fans of the band. Slightly harder to get hold of than 'This Is Where We Disappear' as it is an American import, but well worth the effort if you do. All of the Green Pajamas recent work is available from Rustic Rod, who has championed the band from the beginning, and you could not make a better investment than spending your hard-earned money on some of it.

First published in Feedback #66 February 2002