It's like buses - you wait years for a new Green Pajamas album and then they release four in a year! 'This Is Where We Disappear' answers my plea in the last column for a record company to give this band a deal, and the UK label run by The Bevis Frond's mainman Nick Saloman has taken up the challenge and issued their latest work. As we have come to expect from the band, this album is rock music of the highest quality and contains songs to rival some of the best work from their last rwo albums. The title track starts off with Kelly's trademark guitar, which now has such a distinctive sound that I can recognise it immediately, and carries on to meld Kelly's enigmatic lyrics to some of his effortlessly catchy pop music. 'Softly, Elizabeth' is a genuinely spooky song dealing with ghosts and murders, in fact a number of these songs are inspired by real supernatural events - as in the excellent 'The Moorland Ghost' - while 'Spinning Away' takes its lead from a 17th Century painting, and apparently the song 'The Waitress At The Old Red Lion' was inspired by a waitress at The Old Red Lion! No matter where the songs come from they emerge as some of the most catchy, tuneful, thought-provoking, and downright enjoyable pop/rock music around today. I could go as far as to say that any one of these songs would make an excellent single release, but quite simply they are too good for today's charts, which seem to be full of instantly forgettable tracks that can only get to number one for a week and then disappear completely within the month. These songs need to be savoured and listened to again and again to fully appreciate them, and hopefully as this album is more readily available in the UK then that is what will happen, and it will prove to be the boost that the band need to gain some of the recognition that they deserve.

First published in Feedback #66 February 2002