I almost missed out on this album as it is a limited edition of just 300 copies on vinyl only, and imported from Australia. However, it was most definitely worth the effort in tracking it down as it contains some of the band's best work. It is a mopping-up operation of the various singles, demos, freebie tracks and MP3 downloads which the band have recorded over the past few years and which never made it onto their albums. As about half of the tracks are leftovers from their two best albums 'All Clues Lead To Megan's Bed' and Seven Fathoms Down And Falling' you can be assured that all of the songs will be well worth hearing, but it turns out that some of them are so good that you wonder why they never made it onto the albums at the time. It is hard to pick out particular songs to praise over others as there really is not a weak one here, and it shows that this band just gets better and better with every release. It is a shame that this album will only be heard by committed fans like myself, as it would make an ideal sampler for people as yet unacquainted with the band. All I can say is try their last two albums, and if you end up loving them as much as I do then start the long task of tracking down a copy of 'Narcotic Kisses'.

First published in Feedback #63 July 2001

N.B. This album has now been re-issued on CD with extra tracks, and is consequently even more essential than it was in 2001.