Yet another new album from this prolific group, and amazingly there is yet to be a drop in the quality of the music. For a change this album is released on a UK label - notably the one owned and run by Bevis Frond frontman Nick Saloman - and as I have already seen it in my local indie store then I hope it means that it will get a wide enough distribution to get the band noticed at last. Musically this is an album of first class rock, with every track an absolute winner. The title track alone repays the cost of the album, but nearly all the other tracks are in the same league and it would be really hard to pick favourites at this point. On just a few hearings I would chance my arm in saying that this album is probably even better then 'Strung Behind The Sun', and that one was good enough to blow away most of the competition anyway. If, as Jonathan Lewis reckons, Michael Head of Shack is Britain's best songwriter, then I would have to argue for Jeff Kelly as being America's equivalent. Let's hope that with the weight of the Frond behind them that this will be the album to finally break this criminally under-rated band.

First published in Feedback #56 January 2000