Another Green Pajamas release, this one being a brand new album which for some reason is ony available at the moment as an Australian import. I certainly hope that it gets a release in this country as this is one of the band's most accessible albums so far, and could well be the one to break them out of the cult following that they have and into the mainstream. 'The Secret Of Her Smile' is a great opener and perfectly introduces the listener to what to expect from the rest of the album. It is full of great pop and rock, ballad and rockers, and is everything that I hoped that it would be. It is hard to pick out individual tracks for praise as every one is first rate, but my favourite at the moment is either 'Sweet Sorrow' or 'Morning In Myra's Room' - but they may easily change the next time I listen to the album. If you haven't already heard this band then you really don't know what you are missing and it is a great shame that they continue to be one of the underground's best kept secrets. Perhaps this album will bring them some attention, perhaps not, but I will carry on spreading the word for as long as I can, as music like this deserves to be heard.

First published in Feedback #53 May 1999