As my sampling of 'Strung Behind The Sun' turned out to be such a success I decided to send off for this six track mini album of out-takes from that album. I was promised no half-assed alternate takes or studio chatter - just six tracks that would not fit onto the album proper. This is my first disappointment with the band because there are actually two alternate takes on here, along with a throwaway first track - leaving just three new songs for my money. Not that I blame the band too much, as 'Scarlet Song' is different enough to almost count as a new track, and the three new songs are all first rate stuff, but it wasn't that cheap for what amounts to little more than a CD single. I would recommend without hesitation both the full-length albums, but feel that this one is really only for the die-hard fans (which of couse is me, so I shouldn't really be complaining). My first and only feeling of letdown from the band, which has been made up for time and again with the fabulous music that they produced from this point on in their career.

First published in Feedback #55 September 1999