The Green Pajamas are destined to become one of the great lost bands of the late 80's/early 90's, who will only be appreciated after they are gone by the lucky few who have heard them. They have been making music for small labels for years, and are a mainstay of cover-mounted freebies for underground magazines, and so this collection of giveaways, singles, and unreleased songs was a godsend. I thought that I would know most of these songs as I have quite a few of their tracks on various giveaway singles, but it shows the extent of the band's output when I found that of the fifteen tracks on here I only have three of them. Most of the songs are written by the band's singer Jeff Kelly - with just the one cover of Leonard Cohen's 'Story Of Isaac' - and all of them are well up to the standard that I have come to expect from the band. They are their best on the ballads, such as the lovely 'Emily Grace', 'Emma Is Crying', and 'If I Lived In A Picture', but the pop/rock of 'Kim The Waitress' or 'Peppermint Stick' show that they are not just a single-facetted group. The final track 'Any Time Of Day' is a live recording of a song from their first album, with a solo that puts Neil Young to shame, and is a great closer to a fine album. Don't leave it until they are gone to sample this great band, and there is no better place to start than this CD.

First published in Feedback #51 January 1999