After being so impressed with the Green Pajamas latest album 'All Clues Lead To Megan's Bed' I decided to send off for their previous effort, which strangely enough only came out a few months earlier. I am amazing myself here by saying that I think it is even better than '...Megan's...', either because of, or despite, it seeming to have a much more upfront Beatles influence. 'Doctor Dragonfly' is one such track with its use of sitar, catchy chorus and great guitar solo. But picking out one track is unfair as they are all really good in their own right. 'Tomorrow Will Bring Rain' is a lovely piano-led ballad, while the guitars come back in force for 'Graduation Day'. 'Song For Andrew And Paul/The Brain I Realize' and 'Scarlet Song' have some very 'I Am The Walrus'-stlye strings on them, and unusally for the band 'Three Way Conversation' features an organ solo. The overall feel of this album is more relaxed than their next one would be, but then the Pajamas always excelled at their ballads and this album has more than its fair share of them, with 'When The Summer Said Goodbye' and 'Scarlet Song' being outstanding examples. If there is anyone who did take my advice and try '...Megan's...' then they will need no more encouragment from me to try this one, and the rest of you should really make the effort.

First published in Feedback #55 September 1999