Although released in the same year as 'Summer Of Lust' there is in fact a four year gap between the albums, giving Kelly plenty of time to come up with a new batch of songs. During their time away they also arranged to be distributed by Bomp Records in the US and Ubik in the UK, which means that this album was able to be professionally produced, as you can hear in the strings on 'The Thousand Days', the interesting use of bagpipes and bodhran on 'The Death Of Molly Bernard', and the generally more polished sound of the music. One of Kelly's most affecting ballads 'Wedding Day' makes its first appearance here, and 'End Of Love' is one of their early rockers, benefiting greatly from guest keyboards by Bruce Haedt. The title track is an effortlessly memorable 60's influenced groove, with added sax, harmonica and keyboards, and after 'Wedding Day' is probably the best track on here, while the orchestral 'Angles Of Passion' rounds off the album with a lush ballad. After the shock of 'Summer Of Lust' appearing fully formed from an unknown band this album proves that they are no flash in the pan and is a great taster for things to come.