Recorded in 1984, this album has become an underground classic in America. It was originally released as a cassette on Green Monkey Records in the US, and has now been re-issued in album form in the UK on Ubik Records. Considering that it was recorded on a 4-track reel-to-reel in the singer's attic, the quality is excellent. Musically The Green Pajamas are an amalgamation of West Coast psyche and late 60's pop, with organ and guitars to the fore. 'Anna Marie' features the guitar sounding like a sitar, 'Lost In A World' has some very nice backwards guitar, and the song 'Green Pajamas' has a backing choir made up of friends invited round for a party (a pajama party!). The band are still around, although not making the same music as they were six years ago, but for anyone into 60's rock music and psychedelia then this album is a delight.

First published in Feedback #6 November 1990