WALRUS - Walrus

Walrus came from the UK, and peddled a jazzy/blues based ware, with a horn section that doesn't really overpower the rest of the band. Noel Greenaway has a rough vocal style, oddly reminiscent of Captain Beefheart on a track like 'Blind Man'. Most of the material is self-penned, apart from a reasonable cover of Traffic's 'Coloured Rain', and most of it is very polished jazzy prog. 'Why' is a particularly nice song, with flute to the fore, and 'Turning' is a funky blues number. This 1970 album is another rediscovery of a little-known band from that classic period for progressive rock, and while not really a cause for untold celebration, it is still nice to hear it as it is just that bit different from the usual heavy rock and prog that seems to turn up on CD re-issues these days.