I haven't bought a various artists compilation album for quite a while as it is very seldom that you get one where you will like all of the artists on it. This one, though, is an exception, as it contains music from four bands based in the Berkeley area of California in the late 60's, three of whom are among my favourites of the period. In fact, those three of Country Joe And The Fish, Mad River, and Frumious Bandersnatch are also a trio of the most influential West Coast bands ever. Even for someone like me who has a lot of their albums this CD is well worth getting as it includes formative versions of the songs I already have, plus tracks that never made it onto the albums. In the case of the fourth band Notes From The Underground - who get twice as much space as the others - I have nothing at all by them so their contribution is most welcome. Although not as influential as their compatriots they purvey a pleasant sort of acid folk making for a good mixture of styles by a great set of bands. This was out on CD some time ago and I missed my chance at getting a copy, but it has now re-appeared and I didn't make the same mistake again.