Transatlantic Railroad never released an album during their lifetime at the tail end of the 60's. This CD is the first airing of this music since it was recorded, and it has stood the test of time remarkably well. 'Camp Towanga' opens the album with a song that incorporates rock, jazz and blues, but unusually all in separate segments. 'Fried Chicken Blues' is more what I expected from this album, this being an excellent up-tempo blues based song with some fine acid guitar. In fact, it is the guitar and keyboards which stand out on this album, with most tracks having some great examples of both, the lengthy 'Tehama Street Song' being a slow blues based track which demonsrates this admirably. The jugband sound of 'Irahs' is a nice interlude between the guitar pyrotechnics, and 'Good Times' ends the album with an up-tempo ballad similar to The Electric Prunes. Having now heard this album nearly thirty years after it should have appeared, it is even more puzzling as to why it was never released at the time. Just be glad that it has been now.