I TEOREMI - I Teoremi

I Teoremi were one of the most powerful Italian bands to emerge from the early 70's. Whilst most of their compatriots were content to follow the lead of UK bands like Yes or Camel, I Teoremi went down the hard rock road, and this album is the perfect vehicle for showing off the talents of guitarist Mario Schrillo. Although there is a slight blues influence on some of the tracks it is mostly first class heavy rock all the way. Opening track 'Nuvola Che Copri Il Sole' sets the scene with some superb soloing, while Vincenzo Massetti has a great rock voice even though he is singing in Italian. While 'Qualcosa D'Irreale' is still heavy rock, the band really experiment with time signatures, and the result ends up as a sort of heavy jazz-rock fusion. Both 'Impressione' and 'Mare Della Tranquillita' (at seven and nine minutes respectively) give the band the oportunity to stretch themselves, and contain some of the best guitar-work on the album. Out on both CD and vinyl, and for once we vinyl addicts are not shortchanged as there are bonus tracks on there as well. This is definitely one foreign album that I could whole-heartedly recommend to everyone - even the most stuck-in-the-mud heavy rock fan.