PROCESSION - Fronteria

Italian combo Procession were one of the best bands to come out of Italy during the early 70's. They produced two albums, of which this 1972 effort is the first. The band actually had two guitarists, and full use was made of stereo effects on the guitar duels between them. 'Fronteria' was a concept album about immigration, but as the lyrics are all in Italian you will have to take my word for that. Musically they were heavy progressive rock, with vocalist Gianfranca Gaza having an excellent rock voice, making them easily comparable to UK bands like Sabbath and Purple. They were equally at home with fuzz laden heavy rockers like 'Anche Io Sono Un Uomo' or more gentle acoustic pieces such as 'Un Ombra Che Vaga', which is played solely on 6 and 12 string guitars. Where the tracks feature guitar solos they are all excellent, but the quieter songs like 'Citta Grande' also have a certain charm, making for a well rounded album which doesn't concentrate on one style over another. Out on CD, and one of the best Italian albums doing the rounds at the moment.