I NUMI - Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

I Numi were another of those Italian bands who released just the one album and then vanished without trace. The odd thing about this album is that it was all composed by singer/songwriter Guido Bolzoni, and yet he only appears as vocalist on the title track. For the rest of the album the band interpret his work, and make a pretty good job of it in the process. Guitar and organ are the dominant sound here, with the resulting music having a slightly psychedelic and jazzy feel to it. After the eight minute opening track we are treated to a number of shorter, more melodic rock songs sung by guitarist Roberto Tava. 'San Miguel' in particular has a memorable melody and an understated guitar solo, making it one of the better tracks on here. Most of the other songs on this album follow the same format, with the guitarist shining on most of them. 'Luce E Gloria Per Te' is one exception, with its bluesy feel and wah wah guitar making it stand out from the rest of the material. '325' is the other lengthy track on here (at 6:50 it is double it's title) and is a great example of the rockier side of the band, but with a guitar solo that unfortunately fades out just as it is getting started. The only song on here which does not sit easily with the others is the boogie woogie reprise of the title track which ends the album, but apart from that this CD re-issue is an album which is well worth hearing.