MONTES - Cuando Brille El Tiempo

Another Argentine band, this one was formed by Jorge Montes in 1973, and they issued this album a year later. It is a mix of heavy rock with progressive elements and some psychedelic Hendrix influenced guitar pieces. Apparently highly prized for the guitar and vocal work, I can see the former but the vocals don't seem to have the range that would do the songs full justice. 'En El Camino De Dios Hacia El Sol' which opens the album is quite a catchy tune, and quite at odds with most of the rest of the album, which is mostly moody progressive rock. The West Coast style guitar-work comes into its own on the lengthy pieces 'Epilogo De Crosville' and 'Dias Despues', and the album is probably worth getting for these tracks alone. Overall not a bad album - a bit more progressive than I have come to expect from a country that seems to throw up some excellent hard rock groups, but good to hear a band that was prepared to go against the grain of what everyone else was doing at the time. Out on CD if you want to sample it yourself.