PATERNOSTER - Paternoster

Paternoster have the priviledge of being the only Austrian band in my collection. Although not really known for their musical output it is all the more surprising therefore that this 1972 album is actually quite a good hard rock effort, even though the vocals do take some getting used to. The overall feel of the album is dark and strangely sinister - the title track being especially so with intoned Latin sounding lyrics over gloomy organ chords, before the words turn to English and a rock beat appears to herald the first of many excellent guitar solos. The military drumming of 'Realization' adds an unusual flavour to the track, but the Hammer Horror feel is back for 'Stop These Lines', although this is offset by a lyrical guitar backing. If there is one criticism to be made it is that nearly all the tracks sound exactly the same - same tempo, same beat, sometimes almost the same tunes - and that combined with the uncomfortable sounding English vocals is enough to knock a few points off this being a must have album. It is still a must hear one, though, as I can honestly say that I have not heard anything like this in recent years, and for that reason alone it is recommended as long as you sample it first.