MARIANI - Anthology

The Mariani album is legendary because there were only ever 100 copies of it pressed up, and they were used to try and sell the band to United Artists. They were the first band to feature Erik Johnson on guitar, who even at the age of 16 years of age had a great hard rock style. He has since progressed to become a well-respected session musician as well as releasing a number of solo albums. Their 'Perpetuum Mobile' album is included in its entirity on this anthology, alongside both sides of a single issued in 1969 which consisted of two long drum solos interspersed with studio electronics. These can actually be a tad tedious, but the rest of the album contains some quite outstanding guitar pyrotechnics from Johnson, and is worth hearing for those tracks alone. As a bonus we also get some live recordings, all of which are Jimi Hendrix covers, so overall a really first rate hard rock album which should appeal to a vast majority of the membership.