KINGDOM - Kingdom

This West Coast band foresake the usual late 60's acid guitar psychedelia that is normally associated with the area for a heavier rock approach. The organ sound coupled with the heavy guitar mean that they are more comparable to Iron Butterfly than Jefferson Aiplane, and with this mostly self-composed album they deliver a competent hard rock effort. 'Waiting, Hesitating' opens in fine style with some heavy riffing and the rough vocals that suit this material, while 'Seven Fathoms Deep' has the organ more to the fore giving it a fuller sound and allowing Jim Potkey to deliver a freaky guitar solo. 'If I Never Was To See Her Again' is a gentle, and quite commercial, ballad which stands out from the rest of the material because it is so different. 'Have You Seen The Lady' is notable for some nice drumming and organ interplay, but one of the best tracks is saved until last. with the eight minute 'Morning Swallow' starting off quite gently before erupting into a great guitar solo. An excellent example of early 70's US hard rock which is out on CD if you want to try it.